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The following are duties/powers delegated to the Administrative Officers working in the Govt. Degree Colleges vide procs. Rc. No. 116-k1-4/80 dt 12-3-1981 under the overall supervision and control of the principal. 

  •  Responsible for all fee collections and other collections due from students and others.
  • Signing the cash book (General and Special) and all subsidiary records relating to them.
  • Cancellation of Vouchers.
  • Drawing the salary bills of the Teachers and Non-teaching staff. ( All sanctions to be given by the Principal), Administrative Officers will be drawing and disbursing officers.
  • Preparation of Admission Registers, Term Fee Registers, D.C.B (Demand, Collection, and Balance) statements and all periodical returns.
  • Attestation of entries in Service Registers after sanction by the principal or other higher authorities.
  • Preparation of Budget estimates, Revised Estimates, Number statements and all matters concerned with them.
  • Reconciliation of expenditure with the treasury figures and reconciliation of pass books with Treasury figures (the principal will operate the P.D. Account).
  • Sanction of Casual leave, Optional holidays and Compensatory leave to Non teaching staff below the rank of U.D. Clerks.
  • Attestation of non-teaching staff Attendance Registers daily.
  • In charge of Stationery and forms, indents, Issue of Stationery and maintenance of connected records.
  • Routine correspondence not involving policy matters and signing of fair copies.
  • The Administrative Officer is accountable to the Principal of the College.
  • Principal should verify cash book and pass books and other important records at least once in a month regularly and sign on them as a token of verification to ensure updating and correctness
  • He/ She should monitor the movement of files going to the Officers/Principal and back from them.


The Superintendent is head of the section/college office and controls the functioning of assistants working under him/her. The following are the duties and responsibilities of superintendent working in a college.        

  • He/ She should monitor the movement of files going to the Officers/Principal and back from them.
  • He/ She should guide the Officers/Principal with correct and latest rule position on the subject and Assist them in taking correct decision.
  • He/ She should monitor the movement of files going to the Officers/Principal and back from them.
  • He/ She should assign current numbers to each and every paper received by him/her. A separate register should be maintained for the distribution of these papers to the assistants. The papers are then distributed to the concerned assistants.
  • He/ She should see that the assistants, working under him/her are maintaining personal registers properly and strictly in accordance with the laid down procedure and also see that the currents are attended to promptly.
  • He/ She should know the pendency position and get the monthly abstracts and detailed arrears list, prepared assistant-wise, in the prescribed proformas and submit them to the Officers/Principal before 5th of every month.
  • He/ She should offer his/her remarks on the note initiated by assistant, and submit the same to Officer/Principal.
  • He/ She should supervise the remainder files maintained by assistants.
  • The Superintendent working in a college should also supervise the Service Registers, Leave accounts of the staff working in the college and guide the Principal in proper disposal of the issues.
  • He/ She will assist the Principal in the preparation of the budget and also in spending the budget allotted to the college strictly in accordance with rules in vogue.
  • He/ She will guide the Principal in the operation of the Government budget, special fee collection and the funds/grants received from any other agency. He/ She will assist the Principal in ensuring that this money is spent strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  • He/ She will supervise the maintenance of all records pertaining to accounts, stocks, cash books etc.,
  • The superintendent will attend to the inspection parties and audit parties visiting the college and help the principal interviewing them every month and sending replies to the commissioner.
  • The superintendent should monitor the reconciliation of accounts from the treasury and the banks.


  • The Assistant should enter all tappals received in the inward register and submit them to Superintendent for distribution to the concerned assistants.
  • After receiving the tappals they should be entered in the personal register (maintained in the prescribed format)by the concerned assistant.
  • While registering the currents they will be sorted out in two groups, the new currents and reference received on old currents.
  • All details of the new currents be clearly entered in the P.R. in the columns prescribed.  The references on old currents need only to be indexed in one line indicating from whom it is received . The subject needs to be clearly mentioned in the references.
  • The assistant should initiate the note pointing out the facts and the rule position in the note file opened on the current.  The note file is continuous with page numbers and para numbers.  The current on the subject are maintained in current file.  The note file and current file are always together in the same file pad.
  • The assistants should maintain a ‘Remainder Diary’ in prescribed proforma.  Month wise records of remainders to be sent should be maintained.  It is the duty of assistants to verify the remainders for the day and issue them promptly and enter the same in the remainder diary.
  • The assistant should also maintain the register of court cases and register of disciplinary cases in the given proforma.
  • The assistant should bring forward all un disposed files to the current  years personal file on the 1st of April every year. 
  • When the file is disposed of finally the assistant should send it to  the record room by rounding off the current numbers in P.R. with red ink.  The type of disposal be noted on the file before sending it to stock.
  • The assistants should dispose off the file with in three working days of its receipt by him/her.
  • The Senior and Junior Assistants are accountable to the Superintendent of the office.

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