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 Dr. K. Padmaja(FAC Principal)


M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Dodla Kousalyamma Government Degree College has been the most renowned educational institution not just in and around Nellore town but across many districts of our state. Though it was inaugurated formally on 7th February 1965, this women’s college took birth on 27th June 1964, owing to the farsighted insight of many citizens of the town under the visionary leadership of Sri Dodla Subba Reddy. His benevolence in the form of monetary assistance of rupees 3 lakhs kick- started the construction of its own building on a sprawling area of 24.59 acres. Since then many more rooms, blocks of new constructions have been added. 94rooms, of which 35 class rooms 17 labs, a huge library accommodating nearly 35,000 volumes of books, two computer labs, an English language lab and an assembly hall are a part of the college now. An addition of a few more rooms took place even during the year 2012.

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