Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission :


"yaa Vidya saa Vimukthaye" - Education is that which liberates


To enable and empower the women students - especially from the weaker sections of society with a rural background, with hard and soft skills and human values that contribute for the acquisition and development of a good career and multidimensional empowerment.


  • To provide education that embraces current and inclusive fields through which the needs of all the sections of the society can be addressed.
  • To enhance quality through innovations in the curriculum by offering need based courses.
  • To promote research environment and further the prospects of transforming the college into a university.
  • To impart and develop their soft skills and employability skills for better life.
  • To inculcate human values among the students.
  • To propagate the rich tradition and culture of India for the promotion of National Integration.
  • To empower them with competencies in economic, social, psychological, legal and political arena.
  • To employ innovative methods of Teaching – Learning and Evaluation.
  • To encourage teachers to undertake research and consultancy.
  • To create environmental consciousness among the students.
  • To encourage participation in community development programmes.