Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission :


"yaa Vidya saa Vimukthaye" - Education is that which liberates


  • To transform the society by achieving unparalleled success in women education and women empowerment, while maintaining a strong commitment to societal ethics and environmental protection.
  • To establish strong relations with the industry, whereever possible, for the benefit of our women students.


  • To achieve academic excellence through the implementation of      novel instructional strategies.
  • To let our Teachers to update with profound knowledge on their respective subjects and to made them as respectful teacher of impressionable minds at the class rooms.
  • To accomplish given tasks with equipoise and admirable dexterity.
  • To encourage girl students from rural areas to believe in themselves by providing them with opportunities to participate in activities outside of the classroom.
  • To instil self-control and morality in the students.
  • To establish centres for collaboration between institutes and industries.
  • To extend financial assistance to the economically weaker sections.
  • To create opportunities for self-employment and to upgrade skills.