Gender Sensitivity

Gender Sensitivity :

D.K Government college is a pioneer in women’s education. Having been set up more than five decades ago, the vision for empowering women continues to be the key thrust of the college. As far as theCampus and students of our college is concerned, women potential is being highlighted in the college. Gender Equity puts the focus on fairness and justice regarding benefits, needs and responsibilities for women and men, girls and boys. It is the process to achieve ‘Gender equality’ which means equal outcomes for women, men and gender-diverse people. Strategies and measures must be available to compensate for women’s historical and social disadvantages that prevent them from otherwise operating on a level playing field. Equity leads to equality. Being the women's college, the college motivates the students to participate in all types of activities at various levels and grab the opportunities irrespective of gender including economic participation and decision making through main wings of the college such as NSS, NCC, YRC andDRC etc., The dynamic Women Empowerment Cell in the college supports the students and staff of the institution through counseling in different aspects of life like social, economic, personal, emotional and familial. the cell conducts various awareness programs to empower girl students to build their capacties and to make them self-sustained. Even during the pandemic year the Women Empowerment Cell conducted an International webinar on "Gender Mainstreaming:Perspectives and Policies" to enlighten the students and to make them aware of women's rights and laws laid down by the government. Women Empowerment Cell organised a rally with students and staff on Gender Equity so as to make the society aware on the issues and policies related to women. The college always strives for the welfare of the women in all areas.

Gender Sensitivity Activities