Scholarship - Profile

Scholarship : Profile


Scholarships give access to affordable education. With the rising cost in education, it becomes more challenging for the needy students to continue their higher education and pursue their dream. Scholarships play a major role in reducing the financial burden by sponsoring college fees and make them socially responsible leaders. The college is fully committed to extend its support with excellence and transparency in providing the benefits to the students belonging to the SC, ST, BC and minority groups.

The college is always on the ball to make students from the minorities benefitted for which follows a pattern that enables easy access to students which connect with a definite policy. The Policy involves comfortable measure to be followed like: 

  • The Principal of the college  nominates in-charge from the staff to look after the welfare of the students the Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribe, Backward Caste, Economically Backward and minority group.

  • The in-charge should get the eligibility list from the administrative section

  • The in-charge should take a hard copy and soft copy of the eligibility list

  • The in-charge should send a circular by taking the signature of the Principal detailing the name of the student, group etc., to all the classrooms to make students know about applying for scholarship

  • The students should give requirements such as account number, name of the bank, category etc., in the administration section while applying for scholarship

  • The in-charge should notice the scholarships of the students on term basis

  • It is the responsibility of the in-charge to review and inform students about the scholarships 

  • The in-charge should check whether the scholarship recipients are getting scholarships or not

  • If an eligible student does not get scholarship the in-charge should communicate with the concerned welfare officer to resolve the issue

  • The reservation policy of the state and central govt is duly followed in the admission of students.