Students Managed Hostel - Profile

Students Managed Hostel : Profile

Dodla Kousalyamma Govt. Degree College has been the most renowned educational institution not just in and around Nellore town but across many districts of our state. Though it was inaugurated formally on 7th February 1965, this women’s college took birth on 27th June 1964, owing to the farsighted insight of many citizens of the town under the visionary leadership of Sri Dodla Subba Reddy. His benevolence in the form of monetary assistance of rupees 3 lakhs kick- started the construction of its own building on a sprawling area of 24.59 acres. Since then many more rooms, blocks of new constructions have been added. 94rooms, of which 35 class rooms 17 labs, a huge library accommodating nearly 35,000 volumes of books, two computer labs, an English language lab and an assembly hall are a part of the college now. An addition of a few more rooms took place even during the year 2012.

The college has been patronized by the public for the obvious reason that that their wards can be safely left in a women’s college that has a very good hostel accommodation. The hostel which began in a big hall with mass accommodation has grown into expansive complex of 5 blocks with 83 rooms, with 2 dining halls, reading and recreation rooms. Women students of Vikrama Simhapuri University are also accommodated at the request of the university authorities. At present it houses nearly 550 students and at one time when it was composite college as many as 1124 students, in 2005-06, shared the accommodation.

The building and structure come to life only when the students throng the edifice. The college began as composite institution offering both intermediate (then PUC) and degree courses. By the time the college celebrated its silver jubilee in 1989 the number of students rose to 1900. The college was bifurcated into intermediate and degree colleges in 1996. In spite of the mushrooming of private colleges the college still has strength of nearly a thousand. The students from far and wide places of A.P as far as Anantapur, Vizag, Hyderabad and so on seek admission to the college. The alumni of our college are well placed in society by becoming lawyers, doctors, District officers, lecturers and principals of GDCs and so on.

This kind of constant patronage is extended by student community because of the wide range of courses offered by the college. The beginning was humble with courses being offered in B.A and B.Sc while B.com and Home science were introduced in 1975. Many restructured courses such as Biotechnology, Micro biology, Statistics, Computer science and communicative English have been offered since 1997. The college spread its branches in to post graduate education too with the introduction of M.sc Zoology in 2001 and M.A. English and M.A Telugu in 2002.

The expansion of the college into such a big abode of learning has constantly ensured quality along with quantity. Its quality has been certified by national quality assurance bodies like NAAC and UGC time and again. The college underwent two cycles of NAAC accreditation and received ‘B’ and ‘A’ Grades respectively in the first and second cycles of accreditation. The UGC conferred ‘Autonomous’ status to the college in March 2016 and also identified the college as a ‘Centre with Potential for Excellence’ in the same year.

Apart from the academic well being, all round personality development of students is taken care of by providing many support services. Thus National student service was begun in 1974 with 4 units, each unit comprising 100 students both from intermediate and degree sections. At present the college has 3 units. National Cadet Core too was started in the year 2000. Jawahar Knowledge Centre, a unit that looks after the employability skills of the students was set up in 2006 and each year 4 batches of students with 100 students in each batch are trained and are sent for placement. Many students are placed in many corporate offices and multinational companies. A study centre of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University too was started in 2004 to cater to the needs of women students who wish to pursue their graduate studies in distance mode.

Such an expanse of quality, growth inclusive of many graduate and post graduate courses, and the infrastructural development is a result of many dedicated principals and their commitment to the student community. The college has been administered by 24 principals so far. 10 of the lecturers are awarded with State Best Teacher Awards during their tenure at this college. On par with the teachers from the universities our lecturers too have shown promising research aptitude since the UGC has recognized the degree colleges too as centers for research and many lecturers have functioned as research supervisors. The lecturers conduct independent research too with the grant provided by the U.G.C for Minor and Major Research Projects and 16 MRPs are submitted so far.

The College Hostel was started in the year 1970 as Students Managed Hostel. In the year 2012 new building with 25 rooms was constructed with the UGC funds of about One Core. Majority of the students residing in the hostel belongs to weaker sections of the society like SC, ST, BC and Minority communities. A Total of 800+ students can be accommodated in the attached hostel. With a minimum deposit the management provides the hostel facility to the students, later on the Mess charges including accommodation charges will be reimbursed by the Govt. of A.P. The students managed hostel has a committee with Senior Students which is formed at the beginning of the academic year.

The students’ committee consists of …

General Secretary: The duty of the General Secretary is to look after all the facilities regarding the hostel.

Mess Secretary: The duty of Mess secretary is to look after the store and to distribute the food items to the cooking staff.

Cleaning Secretary: The duty of the cleaning secretary is to maintain cleanliness in the hostel rooms and dining room and surroundings

Medical Secretary: The medical secretary assists the deputy warden, when the students fall sick.

Paper Secretary: The duty of the paper secretary is to maintain the reading room discipline and to maintain the daily news papers.


In the student managed hostel the Mess timings are as follows:

Morning : Tea @ 6.00 am

Breakfast : 8.00 am

Lunch : 1.00 pm

Evening : Tea @ 5.00 pm

Dinner : 8 pm


In the student managed hostel the study hours are supervised by the House-Keepers. The schedule is the following:
            Morning : 5. 30 am to 7.30 am and Evening : 5.30 to 7.30


  • In the student managed hostel yoga classes are taken by the yoga experts.
  • Sports and games are conducted in the evening time under the supervision of the deputy warden.
  • Extracurricular activities like personality and Skill development programs are conducted during weekends.
  • The hostel committee with college staff frequently visits the hostel and gives suggestions to house keepers and cooking staff, etc., regarding hygienic food and cleanliness.
  • At the time of admission the Photo Identity cards are provided to the parents of the hostel students for visiting the hostel.
  • Gate pass is given to the hostel students during the vacation time.
  • For the recreation of the students at recreation hall the committee provides, TV programs.